Sitemap - 2022 - Following the Footprints

🌱 Wrapping it up: A look back at 2022, and a few brands to remember this festive period.

🌱 GANNI is swapping carbon offsetting for insetting, and our introduction to carbon removal.

🌱 4 solutions to decrease 'WFH' emissions, and inside Bird Eyewear's partnership with SolarAid.

🌱 COP27 Key Takeaways, and inside The Uncommon's partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust.

πŸ“£ You're Invited: Our First Festive Drinks!

🌱 Closing the loop: 4 partners to refurbish your company technology, and how Seep are cleaning up the way we clean up.

🀝#4 - Meet the Partners: Altruistiq

🌱 Grab Your Jacket: Launching our Festive Fundraiser Event (free on 1st December?) and looking at Paynter Jacket Co.

🌱 Our COP27 Calendar: Your guide to what's happening, when.

🌱 Trick or Treat? The Green Claims Code and Bantu Chocolate.

🌱 3 Lessons from UpCircle, and inside their partnership with rePurpose Global.

🌱 Producer Responsibility Obligations (PRO): What does your brand need to do?

🌱 17 funding schemes to help decarbonise your business, and Seasalt's 'Seeding Change Together' initiative.

πŸ’₯ #10 - Meet the Brands: Little Freddie’s big step: mono-material pouches, multi-modal transport and more.

🌱 World Circular Textiles Day: A 3 Phase Plan, and Bedstraw & Madder's Regenerative Business Model

🌱 Avoided Emissions? Get to know 'Scope 4' and Zero Acre Farms' Cultured Oil

🌱 Keeping a clear vision: REGOs vs Offsets, and SunGod's recycled frames

🌱 'Gear for Good': Reskinned and Cotopaxi are investing in a fairer fashion supply chain.

🀝#3 - Meet the Partners: Zevero

🌱 The Extended Polluter Responsibility (EPR) scheme - what is it, and when are the key dates?

🌱 Scope 3 Step by Step: Your overview of WRAP’s Courtauld 2030 Scope 3 Protocols, and Arbikie Distillery's Carbon Positive Spirits.

🌱 Getting in the Circular Spirit: The UK Plastics Pact and East London Liquor Co's 'Project Refill'.

🌱 Sapling Spirits' Tree Tracker communicates product impact. Here are 3 partners to help you do the same.

🌱 Wine Traders for Alternative Formats (WTAF): How brands like The Copper Crew are cracking a famously traditional industry.

🌱 Want to be more like Virón by reducing your virgin materials? OceanWorks can help.

🌱 Turning a commodity into a community: Citizens of Soil and raye the store.

🌱 Plastic Free July: 5 partners for your first steps, and EarthKind's 2 part strategy to take bottles out the bathroom.

🌱 Good Karma (Drinks) starts with Fairtrade.

🌱 ONE Essentials are designing for circularity - here are 10 resources to help your brand do the same.

🌱 HelloFresh: Taking 'no detours' on the route to supply chain efficiency.

🌱 Invest in resilience: How Belu are putting purpose in their P&L, and you can follow suit with Creating Nature's Corridors.

🌱 Return, Recycle, Repeat: Inside The Body Shop's partnership with ReFactory.

🌱 Is your business 'Future Fit'? Be inspired by 5 key steps, and Dryad's 5 key goals.

Behind the B Corp: Words of advice from 3 B Corp Project Managers

🌱 The Flexible Plastic Fund: 5 Steps To Tackle A Problem, with Ella's Kitchen leading the way.

🌱 Carbon Pay: Turning your business expenses green.

🌱 Slavery in UK SME Supply Chains: How can your business can help?

Bread & Jam’s Future Summit: Key Sustainability Lessons From Leading Challenger Brands.

🌱 Inside yamo's plastic neutral partnership with CleanHub.

Employer-Supported Volunteering: A step by step guide to secure it, and our day at City Harvest London.

🌱Better Business Day: 1 day left to get involved!

🌱 IPCC Part 3: 4 ways to take action, for every business.

🌱 From the ground up: Climate Farmers and Alter Eco reveal two different routes to supporting regenerative agriculture.

🌱 β€˜Eat better, do better’: Serving up The Collective UK’s first impact report, and where to start with your own.

🌱 How strong community ethics are at the centre of Aduna Superfoods’ success.

🌱 Boosting Recycling Rates: 3 ways to encourage consumers, inspired by smol.

Behind the B Corp: A B Leader’s tips for getting started and securing a solid score.

🌱 Food Waste Action Week: How UpCycling Can Be Your Business's Secret Weapon.

🌱 Getting In The Mix: 5 Tools to Engage Employees in Climate Action.

Get it in writing: A step-by-step guide for SMEs to take climate action via contracts, by The Chancery Lane Project.

🌱 Trouble searching for solutions? Ubuntoo and GROUNDED are proving it's possible.

🌱 Putting a ring on it: Milly Grace are aiming for circular silver.

🌱 Money Talks: How Your Employees' Pensions Can Supercharge Your Impact

🌱 Takeaways tackling circularity, and Edgard & Cooper's 'Zero Pawprint Plan'. What can brands learn?

🌱PANGAIA Knows Best: 5 Packaging Innovations Your Brand Can Try

🀝#2 - Meet the Partners: Sweep

🌱 Keep It Clean: Ever wondered how to reduce your digital carbon footprint?

🌱 Making Ends Meet: What Can Your Business Do To Reduce Food Waste?